maynardthehelmet wondered: Thank you so much for the gifs! I just saw them and I love it! Thank you!

no problem! i’m glad you like them :D

3 weeks ago • August/27/2014

maynardthehelmet wondered: Could you make gifs of Winnie and Herbert doing the Kangaroo Jump from the Dobie Gillis episode "Where There's a Will"? Sorry that's really specific

I’ll make some, but it may be a while until i get a chance to. i hope that’s okay :)

3 weeks ago • August/23/2014

maynardthehelmet wondered: Do you take gif requests?

i do :)

4 weeks ago • August/21/2014

asongofendlessdreams wondered: If it's possible, could you do some Zelda/Dobie GIFs from "The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis" please. Love your blog <3 :)

I’ll make some now! and thanks :)

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